Grand design

I’ve been hoping
For such a long time
Daddy says
That you would open your heart and invite Me in

Yes says Daddy-God
Many times child
You have failed to do this
You have failed to trust My heart

Can I but ask you
Once again dearest child
To believe in Me
To believe in My Son

Yes says Daddy-God
Please just give us a chance
To show you just how faithful we are
Me, the Son and Holy Spirit

No one can ever be like us
We are the inseparable three
Three but one
Child can you see

We loved you
Long before time ever began
We chose you
You did not choose us

Long before time ever began
We had a plan Daddy says
We had a plan
Ready and established

Before foundation of earth
I already knew
Father says
I needed a plan

I needed a full-proof plan
Daddy says
A plan that could not fail
I could not be wrong

I set My plan in motion
Daddy says
Long before time began
Remember I am outside of time

I cannot be contained
By earthly time
Says Daddy
I am much greater child

It would take faith
Daddy says
To believe this truth
But child it is true

Too many people
That exist on planet earth today
Believe wrong about creation
Daddy says

Yes says Father
Too many people believe
And continue to believe that a big explosion in the universe
Created all this beauty surrounding you

o Little children of this little world
You are so wrong
Can you not see
I created Adam and Eve, I also created you

Too many people
Daddy says
Too many people forsaking the truth
To believe a lie

Children of this world
Come back to your Heavenly Dad
Come back and once again believe
You were made with a purpose, you are here with a plan

o Child can you not see
Forsaking the truth for lies
It causes hopelessness
It makes hope to die

Child, children of this world
It was never My intention
Daddy says
To just leave you on planet earth and forget about you

No child
That was never the plan
And Daddy wants you to start believing
The truth

Yes says Daddy-God
Billions of people on planet earth
I know about each and every one

No-one was sent to earth
Without a specific purpose
Daddy says
No one is just ‘sommer’ here

Yes children
Sometimes it is so easy for you to believe and say
I am not the Creator of all
Still heaven and earth continue to testify of grand design

How can you still be so wrong
How can you continue to believe this
And not realise you are wrong?

You are wrong
Please believe Me Daddy asks
Please come back to truth

I know Daddy says
Many people believe wrong
Because they have been taught so
Still I ask come find truth

Don’t just believe
The wrong in this world children
Come have faith
Come see Me

I know Daddy says
Many people in this world
Feel constantly lost
With all the lies surrounding them

How to know these days Daddy asks
What is right
What is wrong
All have become so blurred

Yes says Daddy-God
Many lies dearest children
Have been sent into this world
To distract you from the truth

Dearest children
Children of this world
I’m asking you come back to the heart of your Father
Come seek true truth and safety

There is no one like Me
Our Heavenly Father says
If you would only come
This is what you would find

Child come back, please
You that have been so lost
You who have turned your back
Please come back to Me

Yes says Daddy-God
Many of My children
Fall and falter daily
At the feet of lies and deceit

Daddy does not want this to be anymore
Daddy says no
Too many people on planet earth
Belief wrong

Children can I ask you
To start believing truth
Can I ask you to come
Find out you believe wrong

Yes many children of this world will not come
Still I beg to differ with what this world declares
Come find world, come find truth
Truth in the truest sense is Me



Pursuing Light

Hallelujah, hallelujah
The angels sing this
Constantly before His Throne
Love and honor always on their lips

So glad they are
They chose Him
And did not go
With the enemy

So glad they are
So glad they are
They said yes
To God’s eternal grace

Many people
Through the ages
Chose to do the same
And did not regret a thing

O lovely Abba-God
Our hearts are so thankful
Thankful that we found You
In Your love and grace

You are immeasurably more
Than we could ever have imagined
So much more
And we are so happy we got to say yes

Thank you Daddy
For all that You have done
For giving us all
A second chance in Your Son

We are so thankful He came
To once again
Reconcile our hearts
Back to Yours

I’m so thankful
So grateful
For all that You have done
Thank you for sending Your Son

Jesus Christ
Our Savior
Was born from the virgin Mary
Though not a mere man

Father-God send Him to earth
To die for us each
To pay the penalty of sin
Death the eternal wage

I’m so glad
Our God made a plan
He always does
There is nothing He cannot do

From the beginning
He knew
From the beginning it was foretold
Jesus would come

Before the creation of earth
Before Daddy made planet earth
Before He formed you
He knew

What blessed assurance
We can have inside our hearts
Our Daddy in heaven knew
Long before we ever could

Our Daddy
He did not make us
Without purpose and plan
Up till this day He knows

He gave us life
He sent us to planet earth
To follow and discover His will for our lives
To live for Him

I’m so glad
I could find Him
I’m so glad
I could say yes

His heart’s desire
For every person in this world
Is to truly find
That is Life

Yes we were never meant
To wander aimlessly
To wonder why we are here
To never know

For great things we were made
If only we’ll keep on
Pursuing Light
Pursuing Jesus Christ

He is Life
And within Him
All things
Hold together and live

What a privilege
To call Him King
To love Him
To adore His heart

He came for us to find
He came for us to have Life
He came for us to be re-united
With eternal love

Our hearts
Are so fond of our King
When we think of all that He has done
Our hearts are filled with joy

Although life has it’s struggles
He is always still greater
And His love and mercy
Will continue to carry us through our darkest nights

Just as with Jesus
He’ll never leave our side
He is always trustworthy
He is the forever King

He is kind and loving
In all His ways
He is never apologetic about the truth
For He knows it truly sets us free

Our hearts are thankful
So, so thankful
When we think about our King
All He has done

Loving God and Abba Father
Thank you so so much
For all that was done
On the Cross of Calvary and still to this day

Our hearts remain thankful
May they stay steadfast
Focussed on You our King
Focussed on You our Eternal Love