The heart of Jesus

To have the heart of Jesus
Our hearts must be pure
The motives must be right
Not to hurt but to build up

Not to break down but to encourage
God sees the potential of every person
He knows their heart
He knows the reasoning behind what they do

It is not for us to understand or follow
But for them to be obedient
Each of us walks a path with the Lord
Lets all just make sure every step is His

May you be blessed friend, always.


The choice is yours

The power of choice
It carries life
It carries death
The choice is ours

Please make sure your choices are wise
What you choose can make or break you
So very important to think about your choices
Such a huge impact it has on life!

It has the potential to bring life and abundance
Into the sphere of our lives
What we choose could be the final writings of destruction
On the walls of our lives!

He came for you to have life
Please choose wisely dear friend
Death or life
The choice is yours