Message of Love

So many people
Needing to feel Your love
So many people
Needing to know who You truly are

They see it in you and me
We are His hands
We are His feet
Also His lips you see

Which actions does your feet lead you to?
What do you do with the hands you have?
A hug? A gently caress?
How many people do you build up with the words you say?

My kindness the world should see
Through you they should experience the love I have for them
You are My hands and feet
Will you please use My guidance and wisdom when you speak?

Dear children do not break other people down
There is enough brokenness in the world says He
Build up, do not break down
Find My beauty in all you see

I know what My children need
Love, Acceptance, Hope
That is what I came to give
That is what you can have

Trust Me
Trust My heart
What I speak and reveal
Please do as I ask

Love and Compassion
To a broken world
The TRUTH of Me
To everyone you meet.


Higher calling

You have been called to experience
Much more than what you have seen
You have been created for awesomeness
You have been created for incredibleness

You settle for so much less
Than what I have destined and purposed for you
Life and all its facets in all its fullness says the Lord
That is My heart for you

Glory and fame only bring you so much He says
Fullness of all that you desire and need is in Me
If only you would start laying down the flesh
And start saying yes Lord do whatever You need in me

Riches only bring that much
A kingdom build on this
Is not one that will last for good
Riches does not buy security

To the contrary yes of what you believe
Put your trust in Me, say yes to Me
I promise with Me you will discover
The true meaning of all that you call life