King of kindness

Soft and kind
Are Your words
Like a loving touch
Showing the way

Abba Father God
Thank you for
Your kindest heart
It means so much to me

You are so so kind Daddy
And it means the world to me
You are so very trustworthy
Kind in all Your ways

I wish this world could find you Daddy
Just for who You are
Never again would they ever
Search for anything more

I’m so glad
I could find
The One my soul
Longed for

Daddy I did not know
You were the One
My soul longed for
Until I found You

Yes Daddy-God
In that day
I found so much meaning
I found what life was truly about

I could never understand
Truly, really
Why we were here
Until I found You

So many things Daddy
I found in the day
That I found You
I can now look back and say

Truly You are the most beautiful Rock
The steadfast Rock of all ages
The One my soul loves
And longs for

So many things You have made better
Since the day I met You
I cannot say thank you enough

The joy
o The unspeakable vibrant joy found in You
I never knew it existed
I never knew I could experience it

o Dearest people of the world
You have not found anything
If you have not yet found
Jesus in all His glory and splendor

o Children of the world
Closer to Me
This is what He is constantly saying

I cannot understand
Many times over
How people can keep on denying Him
How they can constantly say no

I do not understand
I so wish I could open their eyes
Make them see
The Lover of my soul

So, so kind
In all His ways
Vibrant and beautiful
No one can deny

o Lover of my soul
Most beautiful One
King of Kindness
Will You come

Will you come Daddy
Will You allow me to see
More of Your most beautiful heart

I’m waiting on you
Dearest world
I know this is what You’re always saying
With Your arms open wide

So ready and eager
You’re always inviting us in
It’s us that never comes
It’s us that never asks You to show us more

o Daddy
I wish, I wish
This world could see
Just how beautiful You are

Come world
Come now
Come open your blind eyes
Come truly see

I know Daddy-God
Many will still say
No this is not for me
And not ever come

Still Daddy I would like to share
These words with them
I’d like to say
Friends you are so wrong

Kindness waits
Eternal Love too
How can you say no
Do you not know what this is?

o Friend
I cannot understand
How can you say no
With the greatest ease

You dearest one
Have no idea
What you are missing out on
I wish you could see

One day it will be too late
That day will come
I just hope that by then
Your eyes would’ve been opened long-time



Love & Praise

Dearest King Jesus
You are the Lover of our Souls
We give You all we have
We give You all the praise

You are so worthy
To be loved and adored
No one on all the planet
Is and will ever be like You

You are so worthy
Dearest King
You are the King of kings
You are the Lord of lords

All the love and praise
All we give to You
You are glorious God
You are radiant

And we say Thank You
Thank you for being who You are
Thank you for never giving up
Thank you for loving us the way You do

We love you Lord
We worship You
We give You all the love and praise
You are worthy to receive

None is there like my King
Loving and kind in all His ways
He longs for children
To love Him back

To give Him
What He so deserves
He loves you dearest world
With a love that cannot be shaken

Will you please
Hear Him
Will you please
Open your heart?

Thank you Abba Lord
For loving us so much
Thank you for giving us
Your only Son

We love you Lord
We return Your love
Who deserves it more
None yes none

Who is like you
Dearest King
No one will ever be able to compare
To Your matchless love and grace

We love you Lord
We give You all the love and praise
All the love and praise
For You are so very worthy dear King