The Potter’s Call

Forever is not long enough
Daddy says
For those who do not know Me
To find Me

Children I would want you to know
The time has come
To bring Me your heart
To invite Me in

There are too many children
On planet earth today Daddy says
Who do not know
I am the beginning and end of all

I care so much for all of you
Father says
I care so much but what can I do
If you will not come and find?

o Child, o child
For generations I’ve been knocking
On the doors of the hearts
Of people not yet belonging to Me

I’ve been knocking Daddy says
So hard says Daddy
Some of the doors must have fallen apart by now
Still your hearts are as hard as a rock

o Children
Please can I ask
Children of the world
Don’t allow your heart to be so hard

Yes Daddy says, yes
Many times in the past
I’ve talked to your heart
Many times past still nothing

o Child can you not see
Do you not know
I want more of you Daddy says
I want more of you

Can you not see
Do you not know
What do you not understand
I am with you

I long says Daddy-God
I long for you to find
Will you come child
Will you come find

Many generations passed
Daddy-God says
Lies between us
Generations that I’ve kept on and on

o Children I ask
I ask more of you
Please will you bestow on Me
The favor of getting to know you

Yes says Daddy-God
That is how special you are to Me
You are favored to become My child
To live for Me

o Child, I see
I see you with the broken past
The past you think I won’t be able to forgive
I see you, I forgive

I tell you dearest child
If you will only begin to forgive yourself
You will see Me
Standing close-by

o Yes children, yes
Many times over
You are much worse on yourself
Re the regrets of the past

Let them go children
Let them go
As the song says
Let it go

I want to give you
Dearest child
The brightest future
One without the past and its regrets

Yes says Daddy-God
I can build
The most beautiful future for you
With the broken past of clay

Yes says Daddy-God
Child I can form it into magnificent art
Something truly beautiful
By the Potter’s hand

This is what I do
This is what I want to do
For you and everyone else
With a broken heart

Children I make new
And I restore
What the enemy has intended for bad
I turn around for good

Yes children
This is Me
Broken places?
I am Hope

I always bring hope
Says Daddy-God
To seemingly too dark places
Places without hope

With Me there will always
Always be
More than enough of HOPE
For I am HOPE

That is why dearest child
I am here to encourage you
I’m here lingering at your heart
Saying child open up, give Me a chance

Yes child, yes
I am the one able to make all things brand new
I can give you a new start in life
Even if you didn’t start out with a good one

Yes child, yes
I can always, always
Give you new hope
Bring to your heart heavenly cheer

O Child I tell you this
Please just believe
Just believe
What I’m now saying to you

The promises of God
Can only be entered into
By faith child
By faith in what God says

I invite you now
Dearest child of this world
Please come find Me
Please come see I am real

Yes many wrong beliefs
You believe about Me
Please child don’t do it anymore
Rather come by faith

Yes child, yes
Believe in what you can’t see
To see what you believe
This is Me

o Child, o
I am so real Daddy says
So, so real
Will you believe?

I come to you now
Daddy says
I come to you now and I knock
Daddy says please don’t harden your heart

Just as with all the previous times
I’m asking you child
Will you open up
And invite Me in?

It’s in My heart Daddy says
A feast-meal has been prepared
Will you enter in
Will you sit with Me?

o Child, o Child
Please come
Please visit the places in My heart
Reserved only for you

Yes child, yes
Please come
Please come visit Me
Please open your heart



Sweet Bite of Sin

How blind those
Who do not know Me are
You have been blinded
Dear children

You have been blinded
By the forces of darkness
This is what
The Father says

It is time for your eyes to be opened
Says the Lord
You have been blinded long enough dear world
This is what the Father says

The veil in front of your eyes
Will be removed says the Lord
I will show you who I really are
I will show you this is what the Lord says

Dear children I want us to start
With you and your ways
For how long have you believed that your good works
Will save you from the place called gehenna (hell)

I want you to know dear child
That any man who will ever be saved
Will be saved by My Grace
And My Grace alone

See before time ever began
I knew there was a plan needing to be made
A plan that would bring every man 
Into sweet communion with Me once again

His Name is Jesus
Says our dear Father
He is dear friend whom the Father sent
To set us free and give us life once again

You all lost your lives the moment
You took a bite of the fruit
Called sweet sin
The fruit that would bring division between you and Me

Why is it dear children
That you all chose
Yes every human being on planet earth
Chose to took a bite of sweet sin

Just as Adam and Eve
You have done the same says Father-God
In your daily walks of life
This is what you choose to do

You chose his way of walking
Over My way of doing
His words fall so sweet on your ears
Any other way you will walk on but never Mine

Why is this the Father says
Why am I always the One you so quickly forget about
You pass me by in your daily walks of life
As if I am only a stranger walking by

Why is it dear children
That you are so very quick to forget about Me
You are so selfish in your need of Me
Never even giving Me the time of day

It is time this stops the Father says
Do you think I enjoy being made fun of?
Just the same as with you dear children
It is never nice to know lies of you are being told around

It is time the veil gets removed
This is what the Father says
I want you to look inside your own hearts
Before you come and find the wrong in Mine

Why are you always so eager
To show fingers to all those around
Blame everyone
But never to yourself?

Dear children this is not the way it should be
It is time for you to take the log out of your own eyes
Before coming to Me and blaming Me
For everything gone wrong in your life

Dear children My other name
Is Love
Some call me Father-God
It is because they have found this to be true

Dear children I want you to know
The love I feel and have for you
It did not come cheap
It took the life of all I got, His Name is My Son

The love I have for you
Is not like the love you have on earth
It is superceded in the way it is expressed
Nothing else can ever compare

The love you have for your wife
The love you feel for a mate
That is superficial, but a vague representation
A blink of what I feel for you

That is why I made earthly love
Father says
For you to understand
What it is that I am talking about

So many of you, the whole world
Every single day enjoying so many gifts
This life has to offer
Gifts coming straight from My Father hand

I made it so you could see
What love looks like
What love should be
For you to know what it is that I want between Me and you

Please stop turning your back on Me
Dear child do you not realise
I am the Giver of Life
The Giver of all blessings bestowed on you every day

Life was not created
Out of a cosmic nothing
Life came out of My very mouth
By the words that I spoke

Dear child
I am the Creator of mankind
Is it really too far-fetched to believe
I made the moon, stars and seas?

I am the One talking to you right now
The King of Creation sharing His heart
Tell Me dear child
Do you know of any other god such a this

A God that will keep on blessing people
While He is only being cursed
A God that keeps on loving
While He is being blasphemed all around

Dear children
Do you not realise
My very life
Who I am I am sharing with you

Every single day of your life
Without you even truly knowing Me
Tell Me
Do you know of any other God such as this

My very life I bestow on you every day
I am all around
I am in the eyes of every innocent child
I am the One who created them in their mother’s womb

I am the One dear child
Who you will find
In a friendly smile, in a loving hug
That is who I am

I am not at all like the awful God
You so often describe
I am compassionate
I am kind

So many people in this life
Blaming Me for all that is wrong in this world
Perhaps they forgot in the Beginning I made the Garden of Eden
A perfect place without any hatred, sorrow and pain

That was before people chose to sin
Your sweet bite of sin
Brought this destruction Father says
I have been in the restoration business ever since

It is My heart to restore everything
To the way it has once been
It is not My heart to destroy
To bring pain or hate this world

I love this world way too much Father says
That is why I sent My Son
To restore everything that was broken
When you dear human said yes to the sweet bite of sin

Sin is always so sweet the Father says
It is so good for you to do and be a part of something
You know you shouldn’t really be a part of
Why is this the Father says

It is because the ‘god’ in you is being constantly fed
I can do what I want
I can do as I please
Isn’t that what the serpent also said to Adam and Eve ‘you will be as gods’

And how you have believed him
Father says
Constantly, every day your flesh is being fed lies
And how dear child how you believe every word

I want you to know dear child
There is no shame in knowing Me
It’s okay to be ashamed of knowing Me
As long as you realise it will cost your life in the end

I am the Answer this world so needs
If I didn’t come there would be
No second chance for you to say
Lord this time I wanna do it right, I wanna do it with Your help

See Father says
I am the Rescuer
Not the Causer of Pain
How you have been blinded to believe a lie

Dear child do you see
Do you see how you have been lied to?
I came so you could be saved, safe
Not the other way around

How is it that people can believe
So many ugly lies about Me
Perhaps because that is what they do until this day
To hide the ugliness in their own hearts

It is okay Father says
Not all My children believe the lies
Many people have come
Asked Me to take the veil from their hearts

Dear child do you not want Me
To do the same for you?
I can the Father says
If only you are willing to come

I want you to believe in My Son
I want you to believe He paid the price for your sin
I want you to believe dear child I am in the restoration business
I want you to BELIEVE I love you so very much

See dear child I have had this longing in My heart
For such a long time
Since the beginning
Dear child please can we be fully ONE?

This is My heart’s desire Father says
Not in words
Not in speech
But really and honestly in all truth

Hallelujah, Amen.

Loving Arms

His loving arms
Kindness and mercy
Are waiting for you
To come and embrace them

When dear child
When will you allow Me
To pick you up in My strongest arms
Hold you close and tell you I am very near?

Dearest child
I’m holding out, holding on
Hoping that you will come to Me
Allowing Me to love you with all My heart

Your broken heart
Has been bruised and hurt
So many, often times
Do you still care to know I am able to heal a broken heart?

Broken hearts are My speciality
Father says
No pain, no darkness dear child
Can ever separate from the love I have for you inside

My heart of LOVE
Can mend and repair any brokenness in yours
I care so deeply
I care so much

Dearest child, dearest child
Will you believe Me when I say
I came for you
To truly have Life?

To have and live it with fullness
With passion and compassion for those around
I want you to live much more than timid lives
I want you to experience the fullness I came to give

Will you dear child
Will you allow Me to wrap you in My arms of love
To enfold you in My beautiful and radiant presence
To once again lit a flame of hope inside your heart?

So much darkness living in your heart
Dearest child I can see
How much you need Me there
Dry and barren places, that is where I start

Beauty and splendour
Await the hearts willing to come
Those willing to come
Put their hands of trust in Mine

I love your dearest child
Words can never truly say
It’s beyond what words could ever express
Let’s just say you’ll be held in compassion, softness and care all your days.