Letter of Support

Too many people and places are empty promises. We are not empty promises, we are the real deal. That is why we ask please become a part of our efforts to make this world a better place. A kind word, a small deed, a warm smile, we believe all helps to turn this world around and touch it with the love of God.


Let’s make a difference.

Because we can.

Because Daddy in us cares so much.

All He is asking is, will you move? Will you physically be My hands and feet? Jesus today wanders this earth through the love of people who truly care.

Will you please consider making a donation? Will you please consider being the hands and feet of Jesus? All we’re asking is this … will you allow Jesus to touch this broken world through you?

We need finances, we need love and support.

Please mobilise the Body of Christ by becoming an active part of what Daddy is doing and going to do through Love in Action. We’re here to make this world a brighter place with the love of God.

Below you will find a list of projects where Love in Action is actively involved. We’re asking your help to make this involvement grow.

We bless you friend.

Thank you for your time and seed.

Because of you and what you have sown the least of these are begin looked after. Because He cares. Because you allow Him to care in and through you.

Thank you kindly for your considerate and compassionate heart.


We want to grow our involvement in these areas and we need your help. Will you please help touch the world with the love and care of Jesus? …