Moments of wonder

Look up dearest child, look up
Daddy sees you
He says He knows
Your fears, your failures, your all

Do you know dearest one of My heart
Loveliest one
Daddy is with you
And I know all

Nothing can separate us child
Although many things try
I love you dearest one
I love you with all My heart

Dearest one
Abba says
I invite you
Please come closer

Please come see
Daddy says
What I hold in My heart for you
O it is beautiful dear one, it is so beautiful

I need you
Little ones
Abba says
To come closer to Me and My heart

I know Daddy says
Many things try to distract
Many things are constantly trying
To steal away your attention from Me

O dearest ones
Come says Daddy
Come closer, come feel My heart
Come see I am for you, always

Kind and gentle is My heart
Abba says
So kind and gentle
Towards those who love Me deeply

O little ones
Abba says
How can I not be gentle towards you
Your hearts are so soft for Me

Gentle and kind
Abba says
My heart
Always is

I wish people could see
I wish people could find
All of them
How amazing He is

My loving Abba Father
The One in my heart
The most forgiving and gentle Daddy
So strong and full of wisdom indeed

I love my Abba Father
Truly so much
So much, so much, so much
I wish people could see Daddy how totally awesome You are

People do not believe it Daddy
They so not even care to find
You’re so lost little ones
You are so lost, Abba sees

You’re so lost
Abba says
Will you come
Will you come find Me

Many things says Abba
Many things lie within the heart of man
Not all are good
Not all are beneficial to you

o Little ones Abba says
Will you come find
I am so much more than your wildest craziest dreams
Father says in the best way that could ever be

O dearest ones
Daddy sees
The deep desires in your heart
The cares

Will you please
Little one
Bring them to Me
I am kind, you can truly hand them over to Me

Make Me a part
Abba says
Please little one
Make Me a part of all that is going on inside of your heart

I want your love child
So much Abba says
So much
So deep is the desire for intimacy with you dearest little one

O says Daddy, o
Come My beloved daughter
Son of My heart
Come closer to Me your Heavenly Dad

I so wish for us Abba says
To taste
All that was prepared for us
All that a heavenly marriage with Me can taste

I want us to find each other
In a deeper way
Son, daughter
In a deeper way Abba says

There’s too many people on planet earth
Abba says
That miss out on this connection
Me and you can have

O little one Abba says
Dearest one of My heart
Will you come see
I am for you

Always and always
I am for you
Always and always
I am kind, even to those who do not love Me

I so wish Abba says
More people in this world
Will start to see
How truly good I am

o Child, o child
Littlest one
Dearest one of My heart
Please come closer to Me

There are secrets in My heart
Abba says
A lot
And I truly want you to come find them

O little one Abba says
Come closer to Me
Please draw closer, much closer
And you will see

It’s a journey of faith
Dearest one
Son, daughter of My heart
It’s always a journey of faith

Many things Daddy says
Can’t be explained, they must just be felt with the heart
O dearest ones I would want you to start seeing
That is who I am

Many things Daddy says
Can’t be explained
Many things
Still this is who I am

I write Abba says
The most beautiful stories of love
On the hearts of My children
Without you being able to see

O stop Daddy says
Please, those of you who always ask a lot of questions
Who always say
We want to see

Can you describe Abba says
Fully dearest child
What happens to your heart
When you see and experience the most beautiful of sunsets, or is it a sunrise?

O little ones
I know Abba says
A lot of you appreciate them both
You can never choose 🙂

Aaahh it is just beautiful dearest child
I agree
I can so often see
The words of wonder and inexpressible joy that is written on your hearts when you see them

O I know Abba says
I know
Even though you can’t see or you maybe won’t agree
Your hearts are honoring Me then in the most beautiful of ways

It’s like your heart is saying
Admitting in that moment
O my
There truly is a King

I always admire those times Abba says
Those times that clearly say
I am God
I am King over this world

It’s just
I wish
Abba says
You could truly find Me

If I can just say
Abba says
That feeling of total wow-ness
O child it is Me

Yes says Abba
Yes child
That is Me
Me in all My fullness, splendor and glory

O little ones
Abba says
O little ones
Come to Me

I wish for you to see
I wish for you to find
Little dearest one

Come closer Abba says
Just closer
Admit your heart says Abba
Has tasted Me

O Yes in the most glorious of ways
Often says Abba
I am in all the true beauty you will find in this world

Not the artificial kind
Abba says
No the most beautiful purest form
Of truly beautiful

Those times
Abba says
That leaves you breathless
That leaves you in awe

It’s like you can only stutter and say
Wow, wow, wow, wow
Those moments Abba says
That just truly takes your breath away

I’m in that moments child
I am that moments child
That leave the believer and unbeliever in this world
Totally awestruck

Yes says Abba
That would be Me
I am the only guilty One
Of all the pure beauty in this world

The undiluted kind
Abba says
Those that do not need any human decoration
Those that are just beautiful as-they-is

O child says Abba
The world is full of them
So full, so full
It’s everywhere, just see

From rocky mountains
To snow-tipped peaks
From love is in the air
To a new baby has been born

O child I am in everything
That truly takes your breath away
Everything that truly makes this world sing
Wow, wow, wow, wow, wow

Yes this is Me
It has always been Me
Little ones
Can you not see?

Why not Abba says
Why do you not want to believe what your heart is constantly telling you
Every time it says there must be more to life than this
O child, dearest ones

Your hearts know the truth
It was written from the start
You just have to believe
Yes child, yes

You have to start believing the truth
That is where true faith comes in
Faith saying I’ll believe what my heart is constantly saying to me
There must be more to life than this

There must be more
This can’t be all
I know it deep down
I will believe

O child Abba says
I wish you can see
Just how very happy you make Me
When you start to believe

O child says Abba
Dearest little ones
That is all I always ask
I want you to believe

In Me
My Son
And Holy Spirit
Now on earth with you

O little ones Father says
Do you know you are never alone
Never ever Daddy says
Never ever dearest ones

I love you so much
And I wish
I wish for you
To truly see

O little child
Dearest one of My heart
Please come see
Your Heavenly Dad is not at all like those on earth

O yes says Daddy
Some of them try and I do commend that
Still they so not come close to Me

They try for perfection
Daddy says
I am perfection
In all the ways that I deal with My dearest children on earth

O children
There is nothing
Nothing and no one like Me
I am the Only One

The only one that is purely good
Loving and kind in all His ways
The one Abba says
That owns all true wisdom

It’s because dearest child
I am all these traits
That I can actually profess them
To be true

O yes child
Says Abba
I cannot lie
I do not even know how to fathom a lie on my own

It’s something says Abba
That truly disgusts Me
All over the world I just see
People who slander, people who lie

O child I want nothing of that
It’s not Me
It’s not something I ever want to be
O no I truly am so thankful, so grateful, that purity is Me

Purity in all forms and shapes
That is Me
Truly and always
I cannot deceive

I don’t know Abba says
Why people so often forget this
They don’t even want to know, some of them
Sadly most of them, I have to rephrase

O children, little ones
Dearest to My heart
Come closer, please come find
The truth inside My heart

I am not at all
The God people in this world
Make Me out to be
O no, I am kind, loving, strong, gentle, all-powerful in one

I cannot be deceived says Abba
I see all through your hearts
I know what is going on
In each and every one of them

Will you please start Abba says
By putting Me first
First and above all other priorities in your life
Above all trying to steal your attention away from Me

You always need to be aware
Little ones
You always need to stay aware
I am for you

It’s something
You some days forget
But child it is not ever necessary for you
To do this

You do not ever, ever child
Need to doubt My goodness
My Son came to show you
This is the purest of truth

O little ones
Can you see
Do you not know
I am for you

There’s too many people on planet earth
Doubting My goodness Abba says
Too many people believing
I am not only good

O child, dearest ones of My heart
I want you to start believing this
For real
I am only good

Yes, yes
Only good Abba says
Only good, all the time
As the song says

You need to start believing Me
Little children
You need to start believing
The pure goodness of My heart and intentions towards this world

O yes children, o yes
My heart for this world is good
I’m not the angry man
So many of you make Me out to be

Some of My own children believe
I am a God of wrath
Someone who longs to punish and hurt this world
For all its wicked ways

O children
Daddy says
It brings Me no pleasure
To see this world ache and in so much need

It doesn’t pleasure Me Abba says
Not at all children
Not at all
I so wish you could start to believe this

There are many people
Many people Abba says
That forget
I am for you

I showed you this
Son, daughter of My heart
Little ones
When I sent My Son

When I sent My Son Daddy says
I actually sent Him with the message that said
Go tell them Son
I forgive them

Yes says Abba, yes
All the wrath
This world deserved
Was put on My Son

He carried it son and daughter so that you do not ever have to
Will you accept this offer of purest love
Child will you say
I love you Daddy and I so want to get to know You a whole lot better

O yes child, yes
That is how things could be
For Me, for you

O child do not let the sins of this world
Separate us any longer
Just come and say
O Daddy, I need You, I need You so much more

That is the best way dearest children
To get free of sin and all that entangles you
Be free in Me says Jesus
Admit you did wrong

It’s all that is truly necessary
Abba says
You need to believe in Him
The One that paid for your sin on the Cross of Calvary

Thank you Jesus
Thank you
For coming
For loving me

O yes, child of God
You can also be
Just as I was forgiven
You can also be

Yes come child
Come closer to the Throne of Grace
There forgiveness, favor and pardon
Is awaiting you

You’ve always been in My heart
Dearest little one
You that was lost
But now are found in My Son

Thank you dearest one
For coming
For loving Me more
For putting your trust in Me

That is Daddy says
What truly pleasures Me
A lost son and daughter
Returning home

Nothing gives Me such pleasure
Abba says
Nothing delights My heart and makes it smile
As a child of Mine, back in My Father-arms

Such joy
Such joy it brings My heart
Come now child, come please
You have found favor in My sight

It’s for you, this invite
Broken, lost soul
Please, please return to perfect uncondemning love
Which is and always has been, Me

Glory to our Father
Up in heaven
The only living god
The Prince of my heart



Hello real God

Softly, so softly
You whisper to my heart
Dearest child
I am so in love with you

I love your honesty
I love who you are
Thank you dearest child
For always coming, drawing closer to Me

It means so much
Abba says
To see your heart so open
So raw inside

Yes child, yes
You have discovered a golden gem
Sharing your heart with Me
So openly, always

It means so much to Me
Abba says
When you come just like you are
No pretend

O it is so very precious
So dear to Me
Child I wish you could see
The happiness it gives Me

You have learned
My child
To never hold back
To never give up on Me

You have learned
Abba says
That I can be trusted
In the depths and highs of life

You have allowed Me child
Daughter of My heart
To teach you
What the whisper of My voice sounds like

O I am proud Abba says
So proud of My daughter
Little one, dearest one
You have My heart

I cannot Abba
Get close enough
I just always find myself asking
Daddy I want more

Daddy I was made for more
I so believe this
Abba please
Show me more

I want to see Abba, truly
Who You are
What You can do
And who I can be in You

Yes Daddy, yes
You have placed such deep desires in my heart
Desires to go
To the unreached areas in You

I wanna know more about You Abba
Than just the average person
I wanna go deeper with You Daddy
I wanna go deeper with You

I just know Abba
There is more
There is more of You
And I want it so much

Yes Abba, yes
I wanna discover places in You
That people before me have not yet found
Deeper revelation, more wisdom of who You truly are

Daddy please
Please show me
Give me revelation of Your heart
That You have not yet shown anyone before me

Not because I am so great Daddy
But because I truly believe
The world is so lacking
In the true beauty of who You are

Yes Daddy, yes
I believe people in this world
Are so wrong about You and Your goodness
And I want them to truly see

I want the lies about You Daddy-God
That is being spread around on earth
To suffocate and die
To lose all life and hope in the glory about You that is still to be seen

Yes Daddy, yes
I have a deep longing inside
This world and her people
She must get to know the true You

I’m no one special
I’m just a child of the living God
Willing to pursue the beautiful heart and character of God
That is who I am

I would love to know Daddy says
Are there more
More humans on planet earth
Willing to come seek after My heart?

It’s not for a chosen few only Daddy says
No it is for all
All willing to say
Daddy-God show me more

There’s been few people in the past says Abba
Who has truly made it their mission
To find the Beautiful God
And this is just who I am

Yes child, yes
I will agree with you
Very few people on planet earth
Believe I am only good

Yes says Daddy-God
I would also love for them to find out
Who I truly am

I believe child
Daddy says
The time has come
For Me to turn the tables around

Yes says Daddy
Perhaps it is time to tell and show the world
Exactly who I am

I am no-one special
Daddy-God’s child says
No it is not so
I am just someone willing to go after the heart of God

I would love to encourage you
Brother, sister, friend
Perhaps you should do the same
You might be surprised with what you will find

Yes children of Daddy-God
Come closer to our Abba’s heart
Come see how truly amazing He is
As some of you don’t even believe it to be totally true

O Yes child of God
You might be surprised
Pleasantly surprised I believe
About what you will find

I know child it is in your heart
To come closer
To find Me in a deeper way
I do admire that

I would love to know though
Are there more
I’m calling more people
To come search for My heart

O I know Daddy says
O I know
The interest levels of people are not extremely high
On many people’s priority lists I rank very low

O Children Daddy says
Are there more than but a few
That would say
Yes Daddy I want more

O yes says Daddy
That is what I believe and hope for
Many many children hungry for finding Me

I am so much more
Dear children
So much more than what you often times think
Sooo much more

To those who don’t believe this
To be true
You are so wrong
You will just have to come along

Yes says Abba
Yes it’s time
I believe this too
People should get to know the real God a whole lot better

It’s time says Abba
It’s time people knew
Just how truly amazingly wonderful I am
And that it is no story of blowing up the real truth

O no I am much more than amplified truth
Abba says
I am Amplified Truth
In its truest sense

I enjoy it so much child
Just to have intimacy with your heart
It’s truly something
That I love to have with My every child

Many people Daddy says
Get freaked out when they hear this
Intimacy with God
O my this is weird

No dearest children
No not so much
I am much more intimate in nature
Than many people believe

O Yes says Abba-God
I am a God of connection
I love to connect with people
Especially those who believe in Me

O yes says Abba
That would be the required first step
You would need to take
To believe in Me

Yes says Daddy
A world of wonder awaits
Those hearts ready to believe in Me

I’ve waited a long time
Daddy says
To enter into this new season of love
We are entering into now

Yes says Abba
Yes it is so
From the start of life
There were a few journeys we had to take

From lost and found
To here and now
Yes every part in the Bible
Tells a story of seasons passed

I’m so glad Abba says
That we have arrived
As I said
To this new phase of our love

O it is so beautiful Abba says
Truly, truly
Really, really
Just so much beautiful around

I would love for you to know
Dearest children
Those who have My heart
I have yours

Yes says Daddy
A new season for our love has arrived
A new season of so much beauty awaits

Just as with the previous seasons child
This will also be a journey
A journey of loving deeper
A journey of loving more intense

I love Daddy says
I just love to always see
How you come and allow Me
To teach you more about the mystery of love

O yes says Daddy, yes
So many books have been written on this topic
So many stories told
It is a riddle in itself

The only one
Able to unlock the mysteries of love
Is Me

O yes I am the Founder
And Creator thereof
Who better to ask than Me
o Child come, come see the mysteries of love it awaits

It has caused many a headache Abba says
Many people have wondered
Many people have sought to find
What is love?

What is love?
People says
What is love
People so often ask

I am love dearest one
I am love
That is a very good place to start at
When trying to understand who God truly is

I am the most beautiful one
The King says
The most beautiful one
All tales of true love testify about Me

I am the Creator
Dear child
Of the most beautiful thing
Called LOVE

o Yes says Abba
That is Me
Many people have been left baffled
Many people have seen the effects of what love can do

O little one, o little one
I say again
Come find
I am LOVE in its truest, most beautiful and purest sense

I know Daddy-God says
Many people battle with this
How can a God of hate
Also be the God of love?

Perhaps dearest child
It is because you believe so wrong
You believe wrong about who I am
And then it leads you down the wrong paths

I believe it is also necessary
Abba says
To reveal to You
The danger of believing wrong

O yes dearest children
O yes
Wrong mindsets in itself
Is so extremely dangerous

It can make you do and believe the absurdest of things
Let’s take for example
Those who go out and kill people
In the name of love

O children
You are so extremely lost and wrong with what you believe
I would recommend you come to Me
And allow My opinion of truth to become yours

I only say this
Abba says
Because I know it will set you free
And put you on the course of Life

My way of thinking
Is always LIFE
Yes dearest children
That is so

I can not differ from My opinion of yesterday
I am unchangeably the same
Yesterday, today
And tomorrow

O children I wish
I wish you could see
Coming to Me
Believing as I say it leads only to Eternal Life

There is nothing
Nothing more beautiful
Than Me and My everlasting truth
Abba says

You’ve done well children
Each of you
Who were willing to read
This letter of love to you

O yes children, yes
I always appreciate people
Willing to come suss out the truth
Within the piles of lies surrounding them

I’m so glad
Abba says
I’m so thankful
For people willing to use common sense

O yes says Abba, yes
You should see, I’m sure you know
Many people falling into the flames of hell
Because they believed others believed right about Me

O children, o children
Daddy says
Believe right about Me

Don’t just be like ducklings
Following their mom
Think for yourselves children
Do I truly wanna go to the dam?

It’s such an easy and foolish-for-some example
But truly children
That is how easy it is to understand
What is being said

It can never dear children
It will never be a waste
To come
And get to know Me better for yourself

Some people have found this truth
Many people still not
Yet I will not stop encouraging everyone
Think for yourselves

This is so easy to do
Still people battle to get it done
They are like sheeps
Allowing themselves to be send to the slaughter

O Children it’s time
Daddy says
The lion in each of you awakes
The lion of Judah is waiting to walk with you

O come child
Please see
I am the One roaring above all false truths

O yes
There are many Abba says
Many people
Stuck in truths of unbelief

You need to come find out
Abba says
That I am real
So so real, so so real

If you cannot feel My presence
If you are unaware of My presence
Will you start by asking
God please show me how close You are

If you would only
Ask in purity and truth
O child I can promise you
I will come and deliver you an answer

I am always willing to reveal Myself
Daddy says
To those who mean
What they ask

Yes says Abba
The Word promises
Dear child
Those who seek they will find

It’s so so important
Extremely important
That you realise and understand
I am the true, real and living God

O yes I am the One
Abba-God says
There is no-one else like Me
Not on earth, not in any other place

I am the lovely One
The most-most lovely one
The incomparable One
The One who is without equal

O it is so beautiful to Me
Says Daddy-God’s child
So so beautiful
To know, to understand, to be able to testify

This is truth dearest world
I have experienced His presence so close
And I can tell you
This is no make-belief

Satan often tells this story
To unbelievers
They’re making it all up
This is not true

O children
Children of this world
Don’t let yourself
Be so easily misled

It is as if every story that you hear
Counts as truth
Children how can it be
How is that fair?

I would love for you says Abba
To start considering the opposing facts
Those in My favor
Those not adulterated

You are always-always so eager
To believe all the stories and lies about Me
Why is it that every time I tell truth
You doubt and have a million questions

O children Abba says
Can I ask
Will you start to do this
With every negative word you hear about Me

Start to investigate Me Abba says
Just like that report in the new film
The Case for Christ
Real life stories o how I love them

There are many more children
Where that one came from
Just start to investigate
Just start to seek Truth

There is so much evidence
Abba says
This whole world through
Just start to investigate

And when you hear people’s stories
Dear child
Don’t just chuck it to the back of your mind
And forget about it

No dearest child
Like a good investigative officer
Ponder the proof, consider the facts heard

O I know Abba says
I know
Every one of the onslaughts on My good name will come to nothing
My Name will be cleared

Yes, yes I am good
Go ask that children
From the men and women who have seen and tasted My faithfulness
It cannot lie

No, no those who know Me
They know I am the noblest person
The most upright in character
So far removed from what this world believes about Me

There cannot be two God’s that are real
Dearest children
No it does not work like that
It is time you truly make up your mind

I’m just asking child
Make a good decision
Based on reliable facts
Not just myths and untruth

I know Abba says
I know
If people will just truly be willing to do as I ask
They will find I am Truth

You are building your faith and unbelief
On unreliable resources
Child I just wanted to tell you
I am not who you say

Come find Me
Come find Me for yourself
Don’t just take the word of false witnesses
Over My eternal word

You will find dear child
As you investigate the truth
All lies about Me
Are build on hearsay

Yes they said
That they said
That they said
It is so

Child My truth is built on facts
Solid reliable evidence
Just follow the leads of the man
As given in The Case for Christ

There are many other reliable sources
Daddy-God says
If you would like to broaden your investigation
You are so very welcome to do so

O yes children
O yes
Come find
I am the Truth I am talking about

The Risen Jesus Christ
Slain for the sins of the world
Forgiven and free
I am one who was saved by His blood

Forever He will be King
High and lifted up
His Name
Deserves all praise

I hope dear friend
You have found something to think about
Something to consider
Something to lead you closer to Me

O how I hope you keep on seeking
Seek child
Seek please
Till you find Me, the eternal living One


Pearl without price

King of my heart
I want you to forever be
The one my soul adores
The one I cannot ever be without

Daddy will you please let this prayer be
The foundation of my heart
My life
The Rock my house is build upon

Daddy I honor Your beautiful heart
I so, so honor who You are
And what You do on planet earth
There is just no-one like You

Daddy will You please
Draw us closer
Let us see more of who You truly are

More radiant than the sun
This is who You are
Your rays of love
Have brought so much brightness into my life

o Daddy-God
Thank you so much for being truly beautiful
Thank you for caring so much
There is none like You

You fill this world
With so much hope
Every time You don’t give up
Every time You decide to keep on pursuing our hearts

o Daddy-God, o Daddy-God
Who will ever be like You
No one, no one

o The Lover of our hearts
The most beautiful one
The pearl without price
This is who You are

Daddy thank you
Thank you for being so faithful
Through all life’s demands
For keeping us safe in storms

o Daddy-God
With You we can
We can conquer the mountains in life
We can truly be conquerors

o Daddy-God
Thank you so much
For the gift of eternal life
That You instil in our hearts

Because of You
We have such hopes for the future
Because You will never ever give up on us
Because You are always near

o Daddy-God
Father in heaven
Because of You we can always carry-on
With this journey called life

You have given us Father
The grace and the opportunity
The favor
To live life on earth with You

What a privilege this is
Daddy-God we are so thankful
Thankful that You chose us
That You loved us, first

o Daddy-God
The joy, the joy I have found in You
There are no words to describe
You truly make my life complete

Daddy I pray today
I pray for all those who need it
Will you please let hope grow in weary hearts
Will you lift them up and give strength again

Daddy thank you so much
Thank you that You always care
You lift us up on eagle’s wings
You let us fly with You high up in the sky

Above the problems of this world
You reign as King
You cannot be brought down
No matter how great a trouble the circumstance

Thank you so much
That you are forever King
Please also reign in my heart always

With You Daddy-God
We can truly thrive in life
Just as the song says Daddy
You have truly overcome

We bring our hearts
We say
Lord we love You
Please make these words as true as gold

Life sometimes hands us lessons
Hard to learn
Hard to understand
Still through them You can grow us strong

Daddy we ask
Please make our faith real
Real as it can be
No compromise

Daddy we often say
Just as Peter did
Lord I will never deny You
Then the cock’s cry

o Daddy we know
We realise
It’s sometimes so easy to say I believe
But then the dark night hits

Daddy please give us the faith
To keep on believing
Even in the darkest of nights
That we will continue to believe You are still good

Many things Daddy-God
Many things on planet earth
Try to diminish and make less our faith
But it will not be as long as we believe in You

Yes Daddy-God, yes
Our faith in You
Will give us the victory
Every time

You are so much stronger Daddy
Than the battle-giants we face
With You we can slay them
Bring them to the ground

o Daddy You are so much bigger
Help Your children to see
Those who shiver in fear
Those who do not believe

You want us Daddy
To walk by faith
And not by what the world says
What we see

Help us daily Lord
Please Abba
To believe like this
To have faith as a mustard-seed

We can move mountains
This is what You said
If we would only be firm in faith

You can do the impossible
We do not need to know how, what or where
We only need to believe

Yes many times over
You will ask us to believe
To have faith
To profess Your words

o Daddy You do this
So we can reach
Even deeper levels of Your love
And what confidence in You can do

It’s not always easy
Walking through dark valleys with You
Still it is so worth it
When we look back and we can clearly see

o Daddy You own us
You bought us with such an expensive price
The life of Your Son
We say truly thank you

Thank you Daddy
For sending Your only Son
To die on a cross
Because You loved us so

Daddy-God says yes
Yes I did love you then
I love you still
As I love My Son

It was so hard to send Him
Father says
To this broken world
Still Him and Me knew it was the only way

I had to come the Son says
There was just no other way
I had to believe, I had to trust
God will make a way

I was the perfect sin offering
Daddy-God’s Son says
There would never again be any need
For a goat or lamb to pay a price

Yes says Daddy, yes
My Son
Is the most perfect sin-offering
This world could ever have or hope to have

I am the only one says the Son
Who could ever pay such a price
I was the Lamb without blemish
The most innocent one

I could never sin
The Son says
Even if I tried
I am the One without sin

That is why
That is why I had to come
No spot or blemish
Was ever found in Me

I am the Only One
Abba-God’s Son says
There is no one like Me
The perfect sin offering

I had to come
I had to come pay
The wages of sin
So that man did not have to

Yes says Daddy-God, yes
Remember dearest children
The story of Abraham
The one where he had to offer his son

I told him this so that I could give you a foreshadow of what was to come
Men had to pay for their sin, be slaughtered
But then I provided a way out
I provided My Son as the offer-lamb

o How I wish
Abba-God says
My children of today could see this
That they would believe

I showed you this picture
Daddy-God says
So that You could always believe
I will come through for you no matter the cost

o Children
I’m so trustworthy
I wish you could see
If I truly had My knife in for humanity there never would’ve been the cross

My Son was the perfect offering
For the sin of this world
This is why He came
To show you I am love

He did what any good bridegroom
Would do for his bride
He gave His life
So that Me and My bride could once again be one

This is what He did
This is the price He paid
All because we loved you
All because you had to be saved

o Children I wish
Daddy says
More people in the world
Will start to believe the correct version of the truth

Yes children, yes
So many people believe wrong
About these events
People do not know the truth

They do not know what really happened
They only assume
They have it right
And I am wrong

I would want and ask you
To open your hearts
Dear friends of the world
Those who do not yet have any in commune with Me

Will you please
Pursue My heart
The way I do yours
This way you are sure to find the truth

Don’t give up so easy children of the world
Your lives in eternity are at stake
You could be wrong
Rather make sure now

Your lives depend on it
Children of the world
Your lives in eternity
On the choices you make today

Don’t be naive
Don’t be stubborn
Children the time to make sure
It is today

There is no time to waste
Children no one is guaranteed tomorrow
Do you really wanna take such a chance
With your eternal soul?

Dearest children
Once people fall into the flames of hell
They cannot come back
Only regret will remain

Tears of why-did-I-not-listen
Screams of how-could-I
Children please
Please do not ever let it be too late

I love you children of the world
Still I cannot help or prevent you
From choosing hell
No matter how hard I try

I try often Father says
So so often
To bring you back, to reconcile our hearts
Still I cannot make the choice for you

You have My heart
Beautiful ones
You have My love
Please pursue Me

Please come and pursue truth
Please come and find it now
Children you do not ever want it to be too late
Believe you Me

I own happiness
I am happiness
Children please come
Pursue Me

My Word promises children
Those who seek they will find
My Word promises
Seek Me first and all other things will be added unto you

Children Daddy says
The time is now
Please, please come closer to My heart
Please come find the truth about Me

If you’re still reading
Child I’m so proud of you
Thanks for caring about your eternity
Thanks for thinking just maybe I am wrong

You are child
You are so wrong
Please keep on pursuing
Please keep on finding My heart

You will be so so happy
That you did that child
It’s a lifetime guarantee
Guaranteed 🙂

o I love you
I love you broken children
It’s this love
Urging Me to write this letter to you

That is why I keep on
That is why I can never stop
o Children please come
And take up your places in My heart

There is an emptiness
Where you belong
This I want you to know
Please keep on searching, pursuing

I so want you to find
So so much
I wish you could see
I’m holding up My breath

o Child please
Please keep on
Don’t stop now
You’re almost, almost there