Journey of Faith

Dear friends,

Is King of Kings a blessing to you?

Then please do read further…

A call to walk on water with Jesus

In January 2013 Letitia stepped out in obedience to Father-God’s call and started to walk this road of faith with Him. Until this day He has been so faithful with His guidance and provision. We are deeply thankful and honor and praise Abba for that.

Body of Christ

God has a specific purpose for us and it’s our desire to fulfill only His calling and plans for us. Nothing would make us happier. This said we feel Him extending an invitation to His children, asking whether they will partner with Him to see His vision for the blog and Love in Action come to pass. Giving them an opportunity to bring blessing and favor into their lives.

Intimacy with Jesus 

The blog carries the message of a broken heart made whole, intimacy with Jesus and discovering the heart of God. We are here also to equip His children so that they too can enjoy a heart-to-heart relationship with Him.

Love in action

We feel a call to also practically color this world with the beautiful love and compassion of Jesus. Because He cares we care. We know that with God all things are possible and that with Him we can make a big difference in this world. Visit our Love in Action section for more information about the causes we support.

Source of provision

Letitia’s cost of living and doing the work of the ministry is a matter of faith. We trust our Heavenly Father for every need. He is the God of Provision and the One who loves each of us perfectly.

Difficult roads teach beautiful lessons

This journey has not always been easy and has taught us many lessons so far. Some of them very hard. We had to learn the power of perseverance, not giving up and finding our strength in Him alone. By His grace, the best is yet to come.

God’s kingdom

We are a part of Christ’s body on earth and have been called just as many of our earthly brothers and sisters to establish God’s Kingdom here on earth. We are here to serve God and His people with our spiritual gifts. We regularly pray for vision.

As Abba leads

Will you please consider becoming a part of God’s plan for us? Will you give what Abba is laying upon your heart? We appreciate all, every seed that is sown into God’s Kingdom.

Thank you 

Thank you so much for your time. May Abba bless you richly.

Heavenly hope

May we together see how God’s Kingdom infiltrate this world and daily give more hope. That is the hope and joy found in Jesus Christ.

Shalom and lots of love.


This note was first published on March 8, 2017.

Our banking details should you need them are…
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